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The Return of the Phone Booth (to the Open Office)

Back in the day, Clark Kent would pop into a “phone booth” and become “superman.” For those of you under thirty, a “phone booth” was a small vertical room, often on the street but sometimes inside a building like a library or courthouse, where people made (private) phone calls. Phones were not wireless; they were wired. But we digress. What’s amazing today is the return of the “phone booth” to the “open office” concept.

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in a phone booth, but also have all the amenities of a modern office? Today’s phone booths only draw their names from yesterday’s phone booths. Similar to those of yesterday, they tend to be small, and often tend to be for one person only. They have a door and they are often sound-proof or sound-reductive. The point is to shield your conversation from the outside world’s noise (and vice-versa). With the advent of the “open office,” employees realized that they needed a private space for phone and Zoom booth from a phone booth manufacturer

Thus Gen Z and the Millennials rediscovered the need for the “phone booth.” Our engineering team with best-in-class expertise in modular office technology rediscovered how to build modular phone booths for the modern, open office. OK, we didn’t “rediscover” it. We knew about it all along. As a best-in-class supplier of “office pods,” we knew that a single-person solution – you might call it a “phone booth” – would be incredibly popular.

But Wait There’s More

Just as Superman was “more” than Clark Kent, so we offer “more” than just “phone booths.” Perhaps you need a meeting pod for more than one person. Perhaps a multi-person set up would be better. Or perhaps you need a variety of single-, double-, and multi-person modular office pods. We can oblige. We use our modular technology in such a way as to combine the best of both world’s. The best of the open office and the best of modular, privacy suite technology.

Indeed, we at Zonez have the solution for you: privacy suites. Our privacy suites are designed to offer maximum comfort and ease-of-use while still providing a feeling of seclusion. They’re perfect for people who want to work alone or need to focus on one task at a time. As an added bonus, they don’t take up much space—they can easily be placed just about anywhere!
We know you don’t have time to waste. That’s why Zonez has been in the business of manufacturing modular enclosures for almost every type of business for over 30 years. We’ve taken the knowledge we’ve acquired and used it to create purpose-built, privacy, and collaboration spaces that are engineered to make the difficult easy while providing maximum comfort for end-users. Our “privacy suites” go by many different names in the vernacular: office pods, modular office pods, even “phone booths,” but however they are named, they are a best-in-class solution for today’s open office.

Talk with our Design Team Today

Our thoughtfully designed office pods connect easily to the real world and make it easy for companies to get what they need when they need it. As a top-rated supplier of office pods, Zonez can provide a custom quote for whatever type of modular pod solution fits your office or warehouse needs! Let us be the Superman to your Clark Kent. Let us provide you with best-in-class phone booths and let those employees turn into what you want them to be: productive workers.

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