Office pods are free-standing quiet rooms that can accommodate up to four people. Explore office pod options online, here, or reach out for a quote on your particular needs.

As a top-rated manufacturer of office pods, we can attest to their popularity. The “open office” concept has really spurred managers and employees to want to get the “best of both worlds.” They want to continue with the open office (or open warehouse, or other type of facility) and yet have office pods for privacy and sound suppression.Office Pod


Office Pods Enhance Your Workplace


Modular office pods make it easy for companies to enhance their workplace quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Leading companies understand employees require different environments depending on the work they need to get done. Office pods are a great way to provide employees a quiet area that blocks out the noise and allows workers to focus on doing their best work.


Zonez is a Best-in-class Supplier


Zonez is a new brand, and a subsidiary of Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc., a top-rated supplier of modular offices for over 30 years.

Our office pods / meeting pods are designed and built in the USA at multiple locations, likely not more than a day’s drive from where you are. Zonez has built a reputation as a best-in-class mid-market office / meeting pod supplier, and learned the contract segment, all while supporting dealers, managing huge product lines, and being in touch with how the real world interacts with products through the entire value chain.


Questions and Answers on Office Pods


Q. How Much Do Office Pods Cost?

A. Of course, the answer is “it depends.” As a top manufacturer of office pods, we offer a range of office pods from small “phone booths” to much larger “meeting pods.” They come in a variety of styles and materials. Contact us for a custom quote to learn how much office pods will cost for your installation.

Q. Are Office Pods Soundproof?

A. Of course, “soundproof” sounds like the complete absence of sound. So, in this sense, no. That said, they are “sound resistant” and help both the users and the persons outside the office pods to not hear distractions and noise. Even in a noisy “open office” or “open warehouse,” our office pods can solve your noise issues.

Q. How Do I Work with an Office Pods Supplier?

A. We make it easy. While we work in a modular system, we can customize your office pods to our specification system. Reach out to one of our design consultants to learn which office pod will work best for your company. We offer a broad range of modular office pod solutions.


Modular office PODs are constructed off-site and shipped directly to your place of work. They are quick to install and can provide an immediate solution for companies wanting to add more privacy to their employees. Each room is equipped with electrical outlets for laptops, USB outlets for phone charging, lighting, electrical raceways to mount flatscreen monitors and our modular grid ceiling solution.

your new favorite space in the office


Having over 30 plus years of experience in modular construction, we know how to build high quality rooms that meet code and perform exceptionally well. Reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a tour one of our three manufacturing facilities in Orange, CA, Nashville, TN or Austin, TX

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