Privacy pods can help within the open office.

Privacy is a Big Deal

We live in an age of privacy. Or at least in an age of concerns about privacy. Hardly a day goes by without a media conversation about this or that “privacy breach.” Companies are understandably concerned about privacy, security, and other issues concerning their trade secrets and business practices. We don’t mean to be or sound paranoid, but privacy is a big deal: in every manifestation – from computer or cyber security to employee records and HR issues, and even to issues of business practices and trade secrets. There’s a lot of information that you may not want “out there” in public, and indeed you may want (or need) to keep it private internally. Take an employee performance review, for example. Local, state, and federal regulations may require a degree of privacy vis-a-vis an employee’s job performance.privacy in the open office can be solved by meeting pods

Similarly, take a strategy meeting with a key client of your business. They may have privacy issues. You may have privacy issues. Yet you want to have an open conversation without concern. A complicating factor today is the “open office” concept. Many offices were built without privacy in mind – “as if” employees and employers didn’t need to have private spaces. The intentions about cost, productivity, and team building were laudable. They remain good goals. Open offices can really be great in many, many ways.

Privacy is a Big Deal

But privacy remains a key issue. How do you reconcile the “need for privacy” with an open office, a warehouse, or other situation in which there is just “too much” openness? Our privacy suites are a key solution.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other organizations with the highest-quality, most comfortable and secure privacy pods at an affordable price. Our modular office pods are designed to provide you with the opportunity to get away from distractions and focus on what matters.

Modular Construction Means Efficiency

Our modular office pods are engineered to make the difficult, easy, while providing maximum comfort for end-users. By utilizing Zonez office pod technology you can have the best of both worlds: an “open” office or warehouse concept with privacy pods inside of that. Thus, when you need to have that confidential HR / employee evaluation meeting or that confidential sales meeting with a key and valuable customer you have a space to go. With internet connectivity and telephone modularity, these can also be ideal for making “Zoom” calls private as well. The online world needs privacy, too, after all.

Traditional construction can be painstakingly difficult, disruptive and expensive. Our thoughtfully designed office pods connect easily to the real world and make it easy for companies to get what they need when they need it. As a top-rated supplier of office pods, Zonez can provide a custom quote for whatever type of modular pod solution fits your office, warehouse or other commercial need. Contact an expert today and let us evaluate your situation and explain how we can help you with the “big deal” that is privacy today!

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