Privacy is a Big Deal. Privacy Pods are a Good Solution!

We know that privacy is a big deal! That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the highest-quality, most comfortable and secure privacy rooms at an affordable price. Our modular office pods are designed to provide you with the opportunity to get away from distractions and focus on what matters. Our offices are engineered to make the difficult easy while providing maximum comfort for end-users. Traditional construction can be painstakingly difficult, disruptive and expensive. Our thoughtfully designed office pods connect easily to the real world and make it easy for companies to get what they need when they need it. As a top-rated supplier of office pods, Zonez can provide a custom quote for whatever type of modular pod solution fits your office, warehouse or other commercial need.

Privacy and Productivity: a Combination is Possible

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology and remote work becomes more prevalent, the debate over the most productive workplace setting has resurfaced. Some argue that isolated rooms or private offices are the way to go, while others believe that open areas with modular walls are the future of the modern workplace. Can the two be combined? We think so, and we think we have the solution: modular privacy pods.Office Pods are Privacy Pods and can help within the open office.

On the one hand, privacy rooms or private offices provide a level of privacy and quiet that can be conducive to focused work. Without the distractions of a bustling open office, employees can more easily concentrate on their tasks and get more done. These types of spaces can also be useful for important meetings or phone calls that require a high level of privacy.

While privacy rooms can offer a quiet and private space to work, they can also have drawbacks such as creating a sense of isolation from the team and potentially leading to a lack of collaboration and communication. Therefore, it is important to consider whether staying in an isolated room for long periods of time may not be the best option to build a team. Use them as a space to have one-on-one conversations, meetings with others but not used as a place to isolate. Provide both a privacy space and an open area for everybody to collaborate.

On the other hand, open areas with modular walls offer a more collaborative and open work environment. These types of spaces can be easily configured to fit the needs of the team, whether that means setting up a large conference room for a meeting or creating smaller breakout areas for group work. Modular walls also allow for a level of privacy and sound control, so employees can still have a quiet place to focus if needed.

One of the main benefits of open areas with modular walls is their cost-effectiveness. They can be built and modified at a lower cost than traditional private offices, and they allow businesses to make the most of their space. In addition, they encourage collaboration and communication among team members, which can lead to increased productivity.

The Best of Both Worlds: Privacy Pods within an Open Office

Ultimately, the best workplace setting will depend on the needs and preferences of the team. Some employees may thrive in an isolated room, while others may prefer the openness and flexibility of an open area with modular walls. It’s important for businesses to consider the pros and cons of both options and determine which one will work best for their team. If you have an “open office” and yet want to improve its flexibility, giving it the opportunity to have a “privacy pod” within the “open office.” Our engineers can work with you on the design specs, and our best-in-class manufacturing capability means that we combine modularity and specificity.


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