Forbes Article — Four Ways To Use Key Influencers To Generate Word Of Mouth Advertising

As a small service business whose primary focus is helping companies create highly productive office environments, the lockdown of March 2020 felt like a death sentence. “We knew the world would forever be changed,” said Golgart. “We had to take action quickly if we were going to survive—let alone thrive.”

He immediately launched a research effort to understand the biggest issues companies would need to address when they returned to the office. The research was clear and consistent: companies would need to find a way to separate people and clean the air in the workplace.

“We went to work with our engineers and staff and created the world’s only blocking and air filtration system that captures and filters the air at the source where it is exhaled, coughed, or sneezed into a shared environment,” said Golgart. “We spent countless hours problem solving until we had developed a viable solution to the problem we uncovered. In July 2020, we launched our new brand, Clean Zonez.”





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